ZiDIG is currently focused on Zimbabwe primarily but not exclusively.  
ZiDIG's main business model is primarily that of an investment-matching portal. We seek to be the main platform for linking business opportunities in Zimbabwe with investors and we invite you to keep an eye on our website and Facebook for the hottest deals. Once they are gone, they are gone.  
In future, there will also be opportunities to participate in group-investments and we will be making announcements at the appropriate times.  
We have plans for road-shows in the main Zimbabwe diaspora locations, such as South Africa, the USA, Australia and Dubai. Please keep visiting us on our website and Facebook to keep abreast of developments and announcements.  
There are two ways. You can contact us through the website, telling us as much about your business as possible. We will get in touch to verify your details before we upload the proposal on our portal. Alternatively, you can physically visit our office in Harare to register. We will shortly announce details of our office location.  
We want our business-matching portal to work for the greatest number of businesses in Zimbabwe and to become the go-to place for investment. We will therefore be as flexible as possible and not impose impossible thresholds. However, integrity and credibilty is everything and we cannot list anything and everything presented to us. We will therefore have a robust system to verify opportunities and we will work with local experts to vet all applicants.  
Listing on the portal is completely free until the 31st December 2017. Thereafter, there will be listing fee to cover administrative costs.  
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