Why Zimbabwe & Why Now?  
We must invest in Zimbabwe if for no other reason than that it is our country whose best days are ahead, but; Zimbabwe is also on the cusp of major change, whichever way one looks at things. This is a good time to enter the market, whilst the entry threshold remains low. ZiDIG is an exciting opportunity to do something which has never been done in Zimbabwe. 

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I am an expert and full understand the risks involved in investing in an emerging market such as Zimbabwe. 
I accept that Zimbabwe Investor shall charge me a success fee of 2% of the invested amount when I invest in an opportunity that ZiDIG has introduced me to. 
I will not hold ZiDIG or its representatives responsible for any loss or damages as a result of an investment made following an introduction by ZiDIG. 
The information I shall supply to ZiDIG shall remain truthful at all times. 
I shall treat all correspondences between myself and ZiDIG and its clients with the strictest of confidence. 
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